Bottle safety

The safety of your gas installation

  • Discover some practical recommendations for the safe use of your bottles.
  • Abide by these simple rules and your installation will remain secure.

Safety and maintenance of your gas bottle


If you leave your home for an extended period of time, close the tap(s) on your gas bottle(s).

If your installation or gas bottle leaks: remember that LPG is heavier than air, so the gas tends to spread at ground level.  For this reason, you must comply with specific rules, even though the emissions are not toxic.



  • Light a lighter or match
  • Make a fire (and extinguish live fires)
  • Smoke
  • Use electrical switches
  • Use your telephone


  • Air the area by opening the doors and windows
  • Turn off the bottle tap
  • Turn off the installation regulator
  • Cut the electricity counter if it is in a place where the gas has not spread
  • Call the firefighters and your installer from a telephone booth or a neighbor's, but in no case from outside of your home.